About Us

The New Zealand Racing Integrity Unit Ltd (RIU) is an independent organisation responsible for integrity matters in the NZ racing industry.  With its creation in February 2011, the industry has seen a major milestone breaking new ground.  The formation of the Racing Integrity Unit makes New Zealand racing one of the few jurisdictions around the world to have a tri-code integrity unit.

With the establishment of the unit a clear delineation has been established between the agencies responsible for rule making (the three codes - HRNZ, NZGRA and NZTR), policing (the Racing Integrity Unit), and the judiciary for integrity issues (the Judicial Control Authority).

Each of the three codes (harness, thoroughbred and greyhound) and the New Zealand Racing Board has a 25% share holding in the RIU which has a separate constitution and Board.

Funded entirely by the New Zealand racing industry, the New Zealand Racing Integrity Unit allows for a more efficient pooling of resources and sharing of best practice procedures.
As the result of a review of race day integrity practices, in 2012 the RIU took control of race day swabbing procedures, processes and staffing, as well as the contracting of race day Veterinary services. 
A total of 34 staff members are employed by the RIU in offices in Auckland (head office) and Christchurch, as well as regionally throughout New Zealand. In addition, the RIU also employs approximately 85 casual swabbing officials and race day typists.
Board of the RIU
Board Members:     Malcolm Burgess 

                             John Hartnell  (HRNZ)
                             Kevin Brady (GRNZ)
                             Peter Hutt (NZTR)

A full RIU staff list can be located on the "Our People" page of this website