Case Worker Required

posted Jun 29, 2017, 2:50 PM by Karin Attwood   [ updated Jul 2, 2017, 8:53 PM ]
The RIU and the Salvation Army have entered into an agreement to run a twelve month trial providing programmes to support industry participants who are experiencing drug, alcohol, and gambling problems. 

The purpose of this trial is to provide rehabilitation support, and in time, prevention of drug, alcohol and gambling abuse in the industry. 

The trial will be centred on the Waikato/Auckland region but will be able to address issues in other parts of the country if necessary. The trial will encompass all three racing codes. It will involve a case worker that the Salvation Army will appoint to work with the industry. 

The industry will be involved in the selection process for the appointment to ensure that there will be buy in and support from industry participants for the person appointed to the role. 

In addition to the drug, alcohol and gambling services the Salvation Army can also provide a full wraparound of social services be it, budgeting advice, and pastoral services. 

The following is the advertisement for the case worker - 

Case Worker Required to provide support in the areas of Drug Alcohol and Gambling Dependency 
The role of Case Worker will involve - 
  • Education for employers, employees, Stable Hands, Dog Handlers, Junior Drivers and Apprentices.
  • Advice and Education for Trainers, Club and RIU staff. 
  • One on one support and advice for participants with Drug, Alcohol and Gambling dependency issues. 
  • Alcohol and Drug dependency assessment for those returning positive tests. 
  • Referral to an appropriate level of treatment that meets the individuals need. 
  • Taking the person through the agreed treatment programme. 
  • Aftercare and follow up after the treatment has been concluded. 
  • Referral to Chaplaincy support if required. 
  • Assessment and advice where people with a history of Alcohol and Drug dependency wish to re-enter the industry. 

The position will be employed by the Salvation Army on a 12 month contract. 

The requirements for the role are:- 
  • DAPAANZ registered or a registered Health professional. 
  • Experienced in case worker /health role 
  • A knowledge of the workings of the racing industry 
  • An ability to work and relate to people. 

For further information and expressions of interest contact 

Neville Gibbons 
Salvation Army