Drug Testing, Conduct & Safety

posted Jun 20, 2011, 6:47 PM by RIU Information   [ updated Aug 9, 2011, 7:41 PM ]
Drug Testing 
Over recent months the Racing industry has had a number of positive swabs. This obviously   causes unwarranted publicity and is detrimental to the New Zealand Racing Industry. Participants are reminded to ensure they take all proper precautions to prevent any positive findings from drug testing.

The RIU will continue to undertake a robust testing regime. We will be recommending higher penalties to the Judicial Control Authority for any person charged for a positive swab. This is to ensure a level playing field and to protect the image of New Zealand Racing.

The RIU will also be focusing on the conduct of participants within the industry. Recently, some participants have exhibited conduct well below what we deem proper and acceptable. Owners, trainers and other registered participants must present themselves professionally to the industry    at all times when connected with racing.

Safety Vest and Helmets 
All participants are reminded that safety apparel must be of the approved type and standards. Stipendiary Stewards will be proactive in carrying out inspections in the coming months. Charges will be issued in the first instance so ensure your safety apparel meets the requirements.