NEWS IN BRIEF | 12 May 2014

posted May 11, 2014, 2:28 AM by Rick Quirk   [ updated May 11, 2014, 2:29 AM ]


Rider Penalties

J Oliver | Waipa 5 May; failed to wear body protector; fined $450.

K Joyce | Waipa 5 May; medical clearance required.

A Forbes | Matamata 7 May; concussion; stood down for 3 weeks and medical clearance required.

C Perrett | Wanganui 8 May; medical clearance required (subsequently received on 10 May).

Trainer Penalties

T Mitchell | Matamata 7 May; incorrect gear; fined $50.

M Moroney & C Ormsby | Rotorua 10 May; late declaration of riders; fined $50.

Horse Actions/Penalties

ROOF OF RECKONING | Matamata 7 May; late scratching after being fractious in barriers; must complete barrier trial.

CONCEAL | Ashburton 9 May; lame; veterinary clearance required.

WINNIE MCGOOGAN | Ashburton 9 May;late scratching after failing to enter barrier; must complete barrier trial.

HUCKSTER | Taranaki 10 May; unsatisfactory performance; must complete trial.

LEGAL AID | Wairio 11 May; late scratching when found to be lame; veterinary clearance required.


OOMPA | Matamata 7 May; caused interference; relegated from 2nd to 3rd.

HEY MR | Taranaki 10 May; caused interference; relegated from 1st to 2nd.


Driver Penalties

J Abernethy | Waikato 8 May; breach of push out rule; fined $200.

M Jones | Auckland 9 May; failed to maintain straight course in home straight; fined $400.

D McCormick | Forbury Park 9 May; careless driving; suspended 10-22 May inclusive.

J Cox | Forbury Park 9 May; drove in a manner likely to cause interference; fined $200.

C De Filippi | NZ Metropolitan 10 May; used end of reins as whip; fined $100.

Trainer Penalties

M Berger | Waikato 8 May; incorrect gear; fined $100.

S Reid & S McMullan | Auckland 9 May; incorrect gear; fined $100.

C Dalgety | NZ Metropolitan 10 May; colour fee; fined $25.

Horse Action/Penalty

FIREBREAK | NZ Metropolitan 10 May; unsatisfactory performance; must complete trial.


ONE OVER DA MOON | Auckland 9 May; excessive galloping during race; disqualified from 2nd.

ZACHARY SMITH | Forbury Park 9 May; excessive galloping in home straight; disqualified from 4th.

QUEEN MARY | Forbury Park 9 May; caused interference; relegated from 4th to 8th.


Trainer/Handler Penalties

M Dempsey | Christchurch 6 May; failed to kennel dog by prescribed time; fined $50.

J Lane & R Wales | Southland 6 May; failed to arrange a catcher; fined $50.

Dog Penalties

VINNY DOON | Palmerston North 5 May; failed to pursue the lure; stood down for 28 days and must complete trial.

HOMEBUSH BANSHEE | Wanganui 7 May; unsatisfactory performance; must complete trial.

HOFSTADTER | Wanganui 7 May; failed to pursue the lure; stood down for 3 months and must complete trial (2nd offence).


Race 5 at Waikato GRC on 8 May was abandoned after the lure stopped prior to the winning post.