NEWS IN BRIEF | 14 April 2014

posted Apr 13, 2014, 2:33 AM by Rick Quirk


Rider Penalties

B Swinburne | Non-raceday inquiry heard 27 March; failed drug test; trackwork licence suspended 17 March - 21 April inclusive and fined $200.

T Wenn | Auckland 12 April; careless riding; suspended 17-25 April inclusive.

D Walker | Wellington 12 April; careless riding; suspended 14-19 April inclusive.

L Callaway | Canterbury 12 April; careless riding; suspended 19-27 April inclusive.

M Wenn | Canterbury 12 April; failed to ride horse to finish; fined $350.

Trainer Penalty

A & H Bull | Canterbury 12 April; incorrect gear; fined $50.

Horse Penalties/Actions

BROKASH | Whakatane 9 April; late scratching after refusing to go to barrier; must complete barrier trial.

MAGIC EPIC | Otago 10 April; unsatisfactory performance; must complete trial.

FIFTYSHADESOFGREY | Auckland 12 April; cardiac arrhythmia; must complete trial and veterinary clearance required.

MR RIMFIRE | Auckland 12 April; bled for second time; ineligible to race in New Zealand.


The Manawatu RC meeting of 11 April was abandoned after Race 6 due to an unsafe track.


Driver Penalties

S Lawson | Franklin 11 April; careless driving; fined $300.

S Walkinshaw | Invercargill 13 April; excessive use of whip; suspended 14-22 April inclusive.

Trainer Penalties

G & J Knight | Forbury Park 10 April; incorrect gear; fined $100.

J & D Butcher | Franklin 11 April; colour fee; fined $25.

M Edmonds | NZ Metropolitan 11 April; incorrect gear; fined $100.

Horse Penalties/Actions

FROM THE ART | Forbury Park 10 April; heart murmur; veterinary clearance required.

EMMANUEL | NZ Metropolitan 11 April; late scratching on veterinary advice; veterinary clearance required.

SWITCH ME ON | Invercargill 13 April; lame and slow recovery rate; veterinary clearance required.


HELLOFAHANOVER | Franklin 11 April; denied a fair start; declared a non-runner.


The Banks Peninsula TC meeting scheduled for 13 April was abandoned due to the state of the track.


Trainer Penalties

J Dunn | Christchurch 10 April; late to kennel runner; fined $50.

M Grant | Christchurch 11 April; weight offence; fined $100.

Dog Penalty

BOSTON MONA | Wanganui 9 April; marred another runner; stood down for 28 days and must complete trial.