NEWS IN BRIEF | 17 July 2017

posted Jul 16, 2017, 2:09 AM by Rick Quirk   [ updated Jul 16, 2017, 2:09 AM ]


Rider Penalties

D Prastiyou | Avondale 12 July; excessive use of whip; suspended 19-22 July inclusive.

D Danis | Avondale 12 July; excessive use of whip; suspended 19-22 July inclusive.

S Wahab | South Canterbury 14 July; careless riding; suspended 15 July - 5 August inclusive.

K Mudhoo | South Canterbury 14 July; medical clearance required.

M McNab | Waikato 15 July; medical clearance required.

Horse Actions/Penalties

SHESALLRAAJ | Avondale 12 July; bled; stood down for 3 months and veterinary clearance required.

ABSOLUT EXCELENCIA | South Canterbury 14 July; bled; stood down for 3 months.

YOU ARE AMAZING | South Canterbury 14 July; late scratching when found to be lame in near fore leg; veterinary clearance required.


The Wellington RC meeting scheduled for 15 July was abandoned due to weather and track conditions.


Driver Penalties

D Dunn | NZ Metropolitan 7 July (heard NZ Metropolitan 14 July); excessive use of whip; fined $400.

M Edmonds | Ashburton 16 July; drove with foot out of sulky rest; fined $100.

Horse Actions/Penalties

MY GIRL BRIGADE | Auckland 14 July; injury to off hind leg; veterinary clearance required.

HUNTER BROMAC | Forbury Park 15 July; disappointing performance; veterinary clearance required.


RAZOR | Ashburton 16 July; excessive galloping in home straight; disqualified from 4th.


Trainer/Handler Penalty

P Lammas & C Morris | Wanganui 14 July; failed to present papers; fined $50.

Dog Penalty

UNO ELEVEN | Christchurch 14 July; failed to pursue the lure; stood down for 28 days and must complete trial.


Race 6 at Palmerston North GRC meeting of 10 July was declared a no race after the lids were slow to open.