An independent organisation, the Racing Integrity Unit (RIU) is charged with managing the integrity issues within the three New Zealand racing codes - Harness, Thoroughbred and Greyhound.

The New Zealand Racing Integrity Unit (RIU) commenced operations on 1 February 2011 bringing together the Stipendiary Steward and Racecourse Investigator functions for each NZ racing code and is responsible for investigating and prosecuting breaches of the Rules of Racing. For more information click here.

From 1 July 2021, the functions and staff of the Racing Integrity Unit will transfer to the new Racing Integrity Board. For further information, please visit

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MEDIA RELEASE: 28 May 2021

The RIU investigation has exonerated trainer Alan Sharrock from any fault in the 2 drug positives for methamphetamine returned by horses who won at Awapuni on ANZAC day.

The cause of the positives has been identified as contamination of the race day accommodation the horses occupied on the day.

An investigation into the cause of this contamination is ongoing.

No further comment will be made.

Mike Godber

General Manager



Lip Chains

Please be advised that Lip Chains are not permitted for use.

Follow up

Waikato Racing Club, Saturday 12 June 2021

Race 5 GREEN RACING MILE (1600 metres)

CRAFTY JESS (T Newman) – Co-trainer Mr A Forsman advised Stewards, the stable was satisfied with the post-race condition of the mare, however, CRAFTY JESS, will be given a brief freshen up.

YAMUNA (M McNab) – Trainer Mr D Miller advised Stewards, he was satisfied with the post-race condition of YAMUNA, and it is his intention to continue on the mare’s current preparation.

Canterbury Jockey Club @ Ashburton Raceway, Friday 4 June 2021


JINGO (C Barnes) – Co-trainer Mr K Hughes advised Stewards the stable was satisfied with the post-race condition of the mare, however, has now been retired from racing.


SPLENDIOR (C Campbell) – Co-trainer Mr M Smith advised Stewards, SPLENDIOR, underwent farrier attention on Monday 7 June, which revealed the mare to have a stone bruise to the front off side sole. M Smith further advised SPLENDIOR will not be partaking in trackwork until the lameness subsides.

Auckland Racing Club, Saturday 29 May 2021


PAPENHUYZEN (M McNab) – Trainer Mr G Harvey advised Stewards, he was satisfied with the post-race condition of PAPENHUYZEN, however, has now been sent for a spell.


MALIK (S Collett) – Trainer Mr N Tiley reported to Stewards, MALIK, underwent an endoscopic examination following the race, which revealed a mild respiratory infection in the trachea. N Tiley further advised MALIK has now been sent for a freshen up.

News in Brief


Rider Penalties

D Hirini | Wanganui 17 June; careless riding; suspended 26 June - 2 July inclusive and fined $200.

C Chipperfield | Taranaki 10 June (heard Wanganui 17 June); excessive use of whip; fined $250.

N Downs | Taranaki 10 June (heard Wanganui 17 June); excessive use of whip; fined $350.

C Grylls | Whangarei 19 June; failed to make weight; fined $100.

T Yanagida | Whangarei 19 June; medical clearance required.

Trainer Penalties

T Pike | Cambridge 16 June; incorrect gear; fined $50.

N Bishara | Whangarei 19 June; misconduct; fined $500.

Horse Penalties

JUST A SUPER BOY | Cambridge 16 June; late scratching after breaking through barrier; must complete trial.

AMABO | Cambridge 16 June; tendon injury; veterinary clearance required.

HILLERSDEN | Oamaru 18 June; late scratching after found to be lame in left hind leg; veterinary clearance required.

STRAIGHTSHOOTERDEB | Whangarei 19 June; difficult to load; must complete trial.

SONOFABUTCHER | Whangarei 19 June; bled; stood down for 3 months with veterinary clearance required.


Race 3 at the Whangarei RC meeting of 19 June was abandoned due to a mechanical failure of the barriers.



Harness Jewels News 2021

Suntan - 31 May 2021

Hayden Cullen has advised the Stewards of a minor training incident yesterday involving his Jewels runner 'Suntan'. Mr Cullen said the horse sustained some superficial damage, consisting mainly of skin loss, to her hind legs and was immediately administered treatment. Mr Cullen added that his initial opinion and advice was that the injury was only minor and could be effectively managed over the coming days however it could potentially force a change to his intended training regime. A further update will be provided in the next 48 hours.

Suntan - 2 June 2021

SUNTAN will undergo a veterinary examination tomorrow to ascertain its fitness for its Harness Jewels engagement.

R DUNN Stable Runners - 2 June 2021

Stable representative J Dunn advised that after some horses raced below expectations last week, all of the stable runners engaged in the Harness Jewels had precautionary blood tests taken this week with no abnormalities detected.

Suntan – 3 June 2021

Trainer H Cullen advised Stewards this morning that SUNTAN has not missed any work since sustaining some superficial damage to her hind legs. Mr Cullen stated that the swelling is decreasing daily after being treated with ice and there were no signs of any soreness. SUNTAN was fast worked this morning in the presence of a Veterinarian and a Stipendiary Steward. Driver M Purdon reported that the filly had worked well and felt good in her action. A Veterinary examination revealed that SUNTAN’S injury had improved from earlier in the week and there was no lameness detected. SUNTAN will undergo a further Veterinarian examination on Saturday to ensure the swelling has subsided and ascertain its fitness for the Harness Jewels engagement.

Wanna Play WIth Me/It’s All About Faith - 8 April 2021

Trainer Hayden Cullen has contacted RIU Stewards to notify them that routine blood tests taken from a number of runners early this week has indicated that two of his horses engaged this Friday night, Wanna Play With Me (Livamol NZD Trotting Derby) and It’s All About Faith (Diamond Creek Farm NZ Pacing Derby) have mild upper respiratory infections. Treatment for this condition was immediately commenced. In light of this, further blood tests will be taken this morning under the supervision of RIU officials to ascertain the state of the infection and the suitability of the runners to compete. A further update will be provided once the results have been viewed.

Follow up

NZ Metro TC, Friday 21 May 2021


Co-Trainer J Teaz advised Stewards on 27 May that EMMA JOY has been treated for dehydration following its performance at Addington last week. Mr Teaz added that further blood tests will be taken later this week to determine whether the filly's Harness Jewel's campaign will continue

Co-trainer J Teaz informed Stewards on Friday 28 May that he had received the results from the blood tests that were taken from EMMA JOY, which revealed no abnormalities. J Teaz further advised that it is the stables intention to continue on with the filly's preparation for the Harness Jewel's.

Cambridge Harness, Thursday 20 May 2021


Trainer R Paynter advised Stewards on 27 May that AS FREE AS AIR has recovered well following its tough run at Cambridge last week and will continue with its current preparation.

Rangiora HRC, Sunday 9 May 2021


Trainer G O'Reilly advised Stewards on 16 May that A ROCKNROLL STAR is being treated for a lung infection.

News in Brief


Driver Penalties

O Gillies | Auckland 18 June; breach of push out rule; fined $200.

T McMillan | NZ Metropolitan 20 June; medical clearance required.

L McCormick | Ashburton 1 May (heard NZ Metropolitan 20 June); breach of push out rule; suspended 28 June - 4 July inclusive.

M McIntyre | NZ Metropolitan 20 June; use of whip; suspended 21 June - 1 August inclusive.

S Wigg | NZ Metropolitan 20 June; use of whip; suspended 21 June - 20 August inclusive.

R Cameron | NZ Metropolitan 20 June; use of whip; fined $500.

Trainer Penalty

S Reid & S McMullan | Auckland 18 June; incorrect colours; fined $25.

Horse Penalties

TAMARACK | Invercargill 19 June; broke in running; must complete trial.

FULL OF DESIRE | NZ Metropolitan 20 June; broke in running; must complete trial.



Trainers are reminded that any Greyhound stood down for an injury that requires a stand-down period of 42 days or more must complete a satisfactory solo trial prior to it returning to racing.

Follow up

Christchurch GRC - 28th August 2020

Race 3 Garrard's Horse & Hound Stakes

Trainer M Grant has reported to Stewards that STYLISH STEPPER had pulled up lame in a hock subsequent to this race.

Waikato GRC - 27 August 2020

Trainer W Steele advised that OPAWA NEMO sustained an injury to the right Achilles tendon not a strained hock as recorded.

Christchurch GRC - Thursday 27 August 2020

Trainer R Casey advised Stewards that TAIERI MIST fractured a hock when trialing yesterday and was euthanised in consequence.

Christchurch GRC - Tuesday 25 August 2020

Trainer G Cleeve advised Stewards that ABSENT and KNOW TALENT were both found to be suffering from strained hocks subsequent to their respective races on Tuesday.

News in Brief


Trainer / Handler Penalty

Secretary/Manager T Music | Christchurch 14 June (heard Christchurch 17 June); failed to scratch runner by prescribed time; fined $150.

J McInerney | Wanganui 18 June; weight offence; fined $150.

Dog Penalties

BLUEY | Wanganui 16 June; failed to pursue the lure; stood down for 28 days and must complete trial.

GAZZA’S GIRL | Wanganui 18 June; unsatisfactory performance; must complete trial.