Stewards Reports

The Racing Integrity Unit employs Stewards and Investigators who oversee race day activities across all three codes of racing, who are authorised by the Rules of Racing, to control and regulate the codes of racing. Stewards and Investigators ensure that participants adhere to the Rules of Racing, Directives, Regulations & Policies, investigating and prosecuting breaches where necessary.

A Stewards Report is compiled through the course of each race day which summarises breaches of the Rules, Directives and Policies as well as investigating and recording events that may have affected a horses performance. The Stewards Report is available following the meeting when enquiries have been completed on the day.

Click on the corresponding meeting to find links to the Stewards Report, Results and any Follow up reports from that meeting or use the code website links below.


NZTR Stewards Reports (Click on meeting to access Stewards Report)