News in Brief

10 May 2020


Trainer Penalty

S & K Alexander | Non raceday dated 20 April; failed to present trials runner free of prohibited substance; fined $2,400.


Driver Penalties

B Shirley | Non raceday dated 17 April; use of whip; fined $550.

B Orange | Non raceday dated 30 April; misconduct; fined $1,000.


Trainer/Handler Penalty

Starter J Baxter | Wanganui 6 May (heard Wanganui 8 May); opened door of boxes prior to start causing runner to be denied a fair start; fined $200.


DYNA BRYLEIGH | Wanganui 6 May; denied a fair start; declared a non runner.


The Auckland GRC meeting of 10 May was abandoned after Race 8 due to a fire in the workshop shed on the racecourse.