News in Brief

16 February 2020


Rider Penalties

J Fawcett | Te Aroha 12 February; medical clearance required (subsequently received on 15 February).

A Balloo | Canterbury 13 February; careless riding; suspended 18-29 February inclusive.

L Innes | Auckland 15 February; careless riding; suspended 16-28 February inclusive and fined $1,500.

C Lammas | Auckland 15 February; failed to make weight; fined $200.

O Bosson | Auckland 15 February; failed to make weight; fined $500.

J Waddell | Auckland 15 February; medical clearance required.

T Newman | Poverty Bay 16 February; failed to claim full allowance; fined $100.

Trainer Penalty

M Forde | Southland 15 February; incorrect saddlecloth; fined $50.

Horse Actions/Penalties

CHEWY | Te Aroha 12 February; late scratching when found to be lame; veterinary clearance required.

THE BUFFER | Canterbury 13 February; lost chance at start; must complete trial.

WALK WITH KINGS | Canterbury 13 February; cardiac arrhythmia; veterinary clearance required.

OUR PROM KING | Canterbury 13 February; bled; stood down for 3 months and veterinary clearance required.

THE GAFFIN | Wanganui 14 February; reluctant to load; must complete trial.


DAM RELIABLE | Poverty Bay 16 February; caused interference; relegated from 1st to 2nd.


Driver Penalties

N McGrath | Non raceday dated 10 February; improper driving; suspended 1 February - 31 July inclusive with costs of $9,500 to RIU and $2,000 to JCA.

B Williamson | NZ Metropolitan 14 February; out of position at start; fined $100.

J Geddes | NZ Metropolitan 14 February; careless driving; suspended 15-25 February inclusive.

S Phelan | NZ Metropolitan 14 February; use of whip; suspended 22-29 February inclusive and fined $500.

R Houghton | Oamaru 15 February; use of whip; suspended 16 February - 8 March inclusive.

K McNaught | Winton 16 February; use of whip; fined $200.

Trainer Penalties

N Chilcott | Non raceday dated 12 February; presented runner with prohibited substance in system; fined $5,500.

M House | Auckland 14 February; late gear change; fined $50.

S Telfer | Auckland 14 February; incorrect saddlecloth; fined $100.

J Cox | Oamaru 15 February; failed to affix gear so as not to come adrift; fined $100.

Horse Actions/Penalties

DRAGON TATTOO | Auckland 14 February; broke in running; must complete trial.

VALLORIA | NZ Metropolitan 14 February; lung infection; veterinary clearance required.

PRINCESS TIFFANY | NZ Metropolitan 14 February; possible atrial fibrillation; veterinary clearance including ECG required.

SWEET MARY | NZ Metropolitan 14 February; broke at start; must complete mobile start trial.

GOOSE HEALY | Oamaru 15 February; broke in running; must complete trial.

GOD ONLY KNOWS | Oamaru 15 February; showed signs of colic; veterinary clearance required.

WILLANGUS LAD | Winton 16 February; broke in running; must complete trial.

MAXIMILIAN | Winton 16 February; broke in running; must complete trial.

JACCKA TED | Winton 16 February; fell in running; must complete trial.


MEKONG PRINCESS | Manawatu 13 February; excessive galloping in home straight; disqualified from 4th.


Trainer/Handler Penalties

S Stone | Wanganui 12 February; misconduct; fined $300.

S Lozell | Waikato 13 February (heard Auckland 16 February); incorrect nomination; fined $100.

Dog Penalty

SOFTY BURGESS | Wanganui 12 February; failed to pursue the lure (2nd offence); stood down for 3 months and must complete trial.


Race 5 at the Christchurch GRC meeting of 14 February was declared a No Race after the lure broke down.