News in Brief

17 August 2020


Rider Penalties

O Bosson | Taupo 12 August; failed to make weight; fined $500.

T Newman | Waverley 14 August; medical clearance required.

A Balloo | Canterbury 15 August; excessive use of whip; fined $500.

Horse Penalties

SOUTHERN VOGUE | Taupo 12 August; bled; stood down for 3 months and veterinary clearance required.

DEZ | Canterbury 15 August; bled; stood down for 3 months and veterinary clearance required


The Whangarei RC meeting scheduled for 15 August was abandoned due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


Driver Penalties

R McIlwrick | Invercargill 13 August; drove with foot out of sulky rest; fined $100.

L Whittaker | Waikato Bay of Plenty 15 August; careless driving; suspended 16-27 August and fined $300.

R May | Kurow 16 August; careless driving; suspended 17-21 August inclusive.

Trainer Penalties

M House | Invercargill 13 August; incorrect gear; fined $100.

G Court | Kurow 16 August; incorrect gear; fined $100.

Horse Penalties

THE ARTFUL DODGER | Kurow 16 August; broke in running; must complete trial.

FRANCO SANTINO | Kurow 16 August; atrial fibrillation; veterinary clearance required.


ANDOVERLOV | NZ Metropolitan 14 August; excessive galloping during race; disqualified from 3rd.


Trainer Penalty

L Cole | Wanganui 12 August; weight offence; fined $100.

Dog Penalty

ROMEO - Christchurch 10 August; failed to pursue the lure but subsequently found to have serious injury; must complete trial.