News in Brief


Driver Penalties

T Robertson | Invercargill 20 June; careless driving; fined $200.

I Cameron | NZ Metropolitan 12 June (heard NZ Metropolitan 21 June); use of whip; fined $200.

S Thornley | NZ Metropolitan 21 June; breach of push out rule; fined $150.

Trainer Penalty

K Barclay & P Ellis | Invercargill 20 June; incorrect gear; fined $100.

Horse Penalties

SPRINGBANK LACHIE | Invercargill 20 June; sore in hind leg; veterinary clearance required.

GREENBANK BETTY | NZ Metropolitan 21 June; unsatisfactory performance; must complete trial.

PAT CAMPBELL | NZ Metropolitan 21 June; lame right front leg; veterinary clearance required.


KAY CEE | Auckland 18 June; excessive galloping in home straight; disqualified from 4th.


Trainer/Handler Penalty

T Agent & K Williams | Auckland 21 June; weight offence; fined $100.


Race 3 at the Christchurch GRC meeting of 18 June was declared a No Race after the dogs caught the Lure. As the rail issue could not be fixed the remainder of the meeting was abandoned.