News in Brief

5 July 2020


Rider Penalties

R Elliot | Waikato 4 July; failed to make weight; fined $100.

H Schofer | Waikato 4 July; excessive use of whip; fined $300.

A Mudhoo | Marton 4 July; careless riding; suspended 5-11 July inclusive.

Trainer Penalty

C Thornton | Marton 4 July; presented runners with incorrect saddles; fined $300.

Horse Penalty

TUTTA LA CLASSE | Waikato 4 July; refused to leave barrier on terms with field; must complete trial.


Driver Penalties

F Schumacher | Auckland 1 July; careless driving; fined $250.

A Kyle | Invercargill 2 July; careless driving; suspended 3-23 July inclusive.

B Norman | Invercargill 2 July; use of whip; fined $300.

L McKay | NZ Metropolitan 26 June (heard NZ Metropolitan 3 July); use of whip; fined $200.

B Laughton | NZ Metropolitan 5 July; careless driving; fined $200.

Trainer Penalty

K Larsen | Invercargill 2 July; incorrect gear; fined $100.

Horse Penalties

CRUSHER COLLINS | Invercargill 2 July; refused to trot away with field; must complete 2 trials.

SPARKLING PEARL | NZ Metropolitan 3 July; late scratching when found to be lame in preliminary; veterinary clearance required.

SWISH | NZ Metropolitan 5 July; elevated heart rate; veterinary clearance required.


THE ARTFUL DODGER | NZ Metropolitan 3 July; excessive galloping during race; disqualified from 5th.

ONLY ONE WAY | NZ Metropolitan 3 July; excessive galloping in home straight; disqualified from 5th.


Trainer/Handler Penalties

G & S Fredrickson | Palmerston North 30 June; scratched runner without valid reason; fined $150.

P Clark | Wanganui 1 July; weight offence; fined $100.

Dog Penalty

HOMEBUSH SUSAN | Christchurch 29 June; failing to pursue the lure; stood down for 28 days and must complete trial.