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Harness Jewels News

Suntan - 31 May 2021

Hayden Cullen has advised the Stewards of a minor training incident yesterday involving his Jewels runner 'Suntan'. Mr Cullen said the horse sustained some superficial damage, consisting mainly of skin loss, to her hind legs and was immediately administered treatment. Mr Cullen added that his initial opinion and advice was that the injury was only minor and could be effectively managed over the coming days however it could potentially force a change to his intended training regime. A further update will be provided in the next 48 hours.

Suntan - 2 June 2021

SUNTAN will undergo a veterinary examination tomorrow to ascertain its fitness for its Harness Jewels engagement.

R DUNN Stable Runners - 2 June 2021

Stable representative J Dunn advised that after some horses raced below expectations last week, all of the stable runners engaged in the Harness Jewels had precautionary blood tests taken this week with no abnormalities detected.

Suntan – 3 June 2021

Trainer H Cullen advised Stewards this morning that SUNTAN has not missed any work since sustaining some superficial damage to her hind legs. Mr Cullen stated that the swelling is decreasing daily after being treated with ice and there were no signs of any soreness. SUNTAN was fast worked this morning in the presence of a Veterinarian and a Stipendiary Steward. Driver M Purdon reported that the filly had worked well and felt good in her action. A Veterinary examination revealed that SUNTAN’S injury had improved from earlier in the week and there was no lameness detected. SUNTAN will undergo a further Veterinarian examination on Saturday to ensure the swelling has subsided and ascertain its fitness for the Harness Jewels engagement.